Winter Break… Ahhhhhhhhh

Sooo…I’m sitting here in the early morning darkness and my family is sound asleep still. We are in Sun River, Oregon about to embark on our annual 3-day skiing marathon and I’m hoping that Mt. Bachelor got DUMPED on last night. It’s been a rather strange year in the way of precipitation, and the ski resorts in the pacific northwest are starving for good snow coverage. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the lack of rain, but realize when there is no rain, that means no snow. So every day after Christmas we decide to venture to eastern Oregon to ski as much as our tired holiday bodies allow. What we typically do is buy the 3 outta 5 day pass so that the kids can ski for free. You’ve got a 5 day window to use your three day passes. We decided to head up to the resort yesterday to get our tickets so that this morning we could just drive straight to the lower parking lot, strap on our skis and hit the lift. So we pull in yesterday, and as we began to don all our snow gear, some gal came up to our car. She said “Are you guys going skiing today?” and before I was about to tell her why we were really there, Maggie blurts out “Yah!!”. So the gal says that her daughter broke her arm skiing that morning and they were needing to leave.She wanted to see if we wanted their tickets. It was only about 11am, still 5 hours of skiing left on their two all day lift tickets. So I grabbed them from her, apologized for their awful circumstances, chatted briefly about how I paid it forward a couple months ago, and how it really DOES come back to you ultimately, and we went on our ways. It was such a blessing because once you start your ticket pass thingies, then you only have 3 days, so it was nice not to have to “burn” a day (so to speak) and it allowed Eric and Maggie to hit the slopes for a few hours while Anders and I played in the snow and I read my book. Eric later said it was really really a blessing because Maggie was able to oil her gears from last year. Guess she started out skiing a little rough, but by the end of the day, she was rippin’ turns and skiing with her poles. Good stuff. So lady, if you’re reading this, the Martensons thank you profusely an we prayed for your daughter last night before our meal and at bedtime. We hope her arm heals nicely and that she doesn’t have a fear of skiing in the future.
The week after Christmas is so nice for me. Working around the clock for four weeks prior to Christmas. Hitting that hammer and my workshop so hard from Thanksgiving to my holiday cutoff. I still haven’t stamped orders from the 18th on yet, and it’s starting to bug me…BIG TiME! But I figure, the people who placed their orders right before Christmas couldn’t possibly have needed them for Christmas, so I really take my time getting them done and enjoy my family and this annual family vacation. There’s just something about being in a cabin, with a roaring wood stove, close quarters, games, skiing, snow, a small market up the road…ahhh.. It takes me back to my hometown. This life was my life as a child. It’s funny to me when people laugh at the “I had to walk a mile in the snow to go to school” thing…because its really how it was for me and my sisters growing up. There in Shaver Lake, California, snowing 5 or 6 feet in a 12 hour stretch was the norm. Despite the fact that my elem school bus driver should’ve been paid hazardous pay, he managed to chain up our bus in under 10 mins, but there were still weeks we would have to miss school because of the snow. Shortly after I left for bootcamp after high school, my parents had had enough of the white stuff and moved down the mountain a few thousand feet. So when it came time to “come home” again, I got robbed of really “going home”… 🙁 Thats not to say i dont understand my parent’s motives, I do, I get it. Sometimes when I go back to California, we’ll take a drive up the mountain, and in an instant, that nostalgic childhood feeling comes flooding back. My childhood is book-worthy. It really is. So when we come to Sun River and hit the slopes, and build fires, and barbecue in the snow, I feel like I’m at home. I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world. Work and Mountain Girl Silver quickly go on the back burner while I’m here. I’ve got a ton of phone calls to make, a ton of emails to answer, and several orders to stamp, but all I can wrap my head around is the God-given beauty around me this very moment…. The beauty of my childhood. So, if you’re reading this and you placed an order on the 18th of December and thereafter, or if you’ve called me or emailed me since Christmas, I’ll get to it…I promise. At this point it’s better for my artistry that I am able to walk away for a couple weeks. There towards the end I was on auto-pilot. So for right now I’m just gonna enjoy my supportive family and my freedom.
God Bless!!!!

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