Oh for cryin’ outloud…. I swear I wanna move to Anchorage. These last few days… since before the weekend actually, the weathermen and Mother Nature has been just TEASING us with snow. It’d start snowing, then it would stop. Snow, stop, snow for an hour, accumulate, stop, rain, melt, snow again, ……  it was annoying. I sit here and just crave weather where it would literally just DUMP SO MUCH SNOW THAT THE CITY WOULD SHUT DOWN. It’s engrained in soul. That giddy feeling ya get when it begins to snow. Takes me back to pepsi slushies and pimped out snow forts in the forest as a child. Growing up in a place where snowing 5 feet in one night was nothin’. Memories of my dad actually waking up in the middle of the night, tromping down the hall to check the street for snow depth. Living on Edison property, and daddy being a campground foreman, he was responsible for the snow removal to all the different little areas that the company used throughout the winter. The substations, the service centers, the entrance to the campground. And I remember him getting all dressed and sorels on, packing his thermos, his igloo, and his pack(s) of Winstons and heading out to plow. He’d be gone for HOURS… I mean hours. Then…. the snow would get so deep on our roof that we had to get up on the house and squeegie the snow off so the roof didn’t cave in. All the while, the wood stove crankin’. Watching each piece of wood go in the cavity of the stove, recognizing the knot or the bark pattern from a piece that I KNOW I stacked that previous Fall. Growing up in the mountains, living in the snow, it ain’t for the weak.  We just got hooked on a show on TV called “Alaska- The last Frontier”.. I think it’s on Discovery channel. Well anyways, it’s about this family that have been homesteaders there on a peninsula up in Northern Alaska. They don’t have electricity. Depend entirely on their own means for their food, heat, etc…  Grow all their own vegetables, harvest them in the Fall and store them in their root cellars for the winter. They make 4 hour treks on snowmobiles in the middle of winter to go to lakes and stuff to CHAINSAW 3 foot deep holes in the ice so that they can have some fresh fish….  They go out and shoot rabbits. They fall trees and drag em’ around with their tractors when they are preparing their wood for the winter. And when their cows give birth in the dead of winter and the baby calf is flailing around in sub zero temps, they go out there and find them in the dead of night and bring them to shelter and get them nursing on their mothers.. I mean… really? Eric and I were watching it the other night, and the kids came into the living room and we told them that they should take a look and see what it’s like to live in the middle of Alaska in the winter. They were glued to the tv. I’d honestly love to try it before I die. Survive a year in Alaska, solely living off the land….. I really would. See if I could do it. I think it would be challenging as all get-out, but man…. what an experience that would be. Just wild. I dream of it snowing…. that’s the bottom line here. And yah, the snow is falling in the higher elevations and the mountain ski areas are getting some good freshie, which I’m eternally grateful for, but why can’t it just get a shade colder down here in the valley? I remember a couple years ago, probably about 4 years ago now, we got severely dumped on here in Portland. Like some crazy 5 feet of snow over Winter break. It was phenomenal. Etched in the bank. I visit that week in my memory quite often. If you are reading this and are from Portland Metro area… then I KNOW you must remember it. I also vividly remember that by that 9th day or whatever of my husband being home from work, I was actually out in the street chiseling the ice from his tires and shoveling out his car so he would leave the house and get back to work. The entire city was shut down man. It was cool….  That’s when we lived in our old house, had a wood stove. Miss that thing. And to think…the people we rent it out to now, they don’t even know how to use it… pffft….

But now the storm is passing, and it’s all turned to just rain. The wind is blowing pretty hard. I had to run up to the feed store this afternoon and pick up some more chopped straw for my hens coop. When it’s wet like this, they tend to spend the entire day in their coop, and well… we all know what that means. I feel all farmer-Joe’ish when I go in that store. When I know I’m going there, I even try to play the part a little more. Wear my boots instead of my Dansko’s. I grab my dirty jacket instead of my North Face fluffy one. You know… I wanna at least LOOK like I’m a farmer. Not some yup chick mom from Suburbia. ;c) Got my dog a new leash and collar today too. Oh the excitement. But I did stamp and ship out 47 orders in the last 24 hours, so …..  I enjoyed the January lull while it lasted. Business always dies down to almost NADA the week or so after Christmas. The first week or so of January, everyone is getting their credit card bills from December and doing the freak out and not spending money. But now that Feb – Valentine’s Day is around the corner, things are picking up. Time to get back into the groove.

And remember….. TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR MOUNTAIN GIRL SILVER jewelry and email me the pictures!!!  I don’t know how I’m going to officially advertise the photo contest, but trust me, the winners are gonna get some serious credit towards the store. Don’t say “yay, that is a great idea, but I’m a bad photographer”… No…. you’re mistaken… you’re not a bad photographer. Take off your necklace, or throw the camera at your husband or wife or kids and tell em’ to snap a shot of you wearing your bling!! I’m serious as a heart attack here. Email me the jpeg’s to


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