Summer is here!!!

My sister made me feel poopy when she reminded me that it had been since MAY that I put a blog post out there. And it’s not that I don’t have good stuff to write about, it’s simply about finding the blessed TIME to sit here in front of this overly LARGE computer screen and bust something out. Other than the fact that the sun has finally made it’s way to the Pacific Northwest, all I have to write about is my life….. and that can’t be very interesting to those who don’t know me from Adam.

Last night, we returned from a 10 day vacation to Northern Washington where we put our kids in a YMCA camp for a week, and me and the hubs took off and did all sorts of fun things up there. His folks have a place on the Pend O’reille river up there, so we sort of make that our home base and go exploring from there once we dump the kids off. After the 8 hour jaunt up there, thats EXACTLY what is was like too… DUMPING them off. Had I had it my way, I would’ve just come to a slow crawl, open their car doors and with a boot to their asses and chucking their suitcases and sleeping bags out the back hatch, we would’ve made our getaway…  Do your kids fight? I mean really….  None of us want to admit it. None of us want to own up to conflict inside our homes….  But my two kids, gosh… They don’t physically fight, it’s just an incessant whine. I think Anders does everything humanly possible to dig into her nerves like a knife. He sees an opportunity and goes in for the kill. Trying to make her feel bad about herself, or calling her a baby…. or yanking something from her… or not showing her something tricky so that she’ll say “LETTT MEEEE SEEEEE ANDERS!!!!” about forty million times in the most high pitched whine. It’s literally like a force bad enough that you wanna punch yourself in the neck to rid yourself of the PAIN of having to hear it.. And being in the car for 8 hours…. I know you’ve all been there. So by the time we got there, and by the time it was to take them to camp, man, me and Eric couldn’t get out of that camp parking lot fast enough. We WERE that car spitting out dust and rocks, peeling out, laughing, with the music blaring….  Too bad we didn’t have a boat hitched on the back of the Sequoia,,,, that would’ve been even better.

So upon dump-off, we traveled to Wallace, Idaho. It’s a teeny tiny mining town about an hour and a 1/2 east of Spokane. There’s really not much there other than huge deep canyons covered in pine trees and a hotel. Lots of old money in that town tho’, from the mining days. I don’t know what the draw really is for me, but when we get there, I feel sort of at home. Growing up in a town of 600 people, small towns make me feel comfy. So we crashed in Wallace that first night and woke the next morning and did the Hiawatha trail on mountain bikes. It’s a 17 mile old railroad trail that they used for logging in the early 1900’s. The whole 17 miles is downhill. A few trussels and some tunnels that were 30 degrees, but wow…. a gorgeous ride indeed. You think 17 miles and that makes us sound all bad ass and hardcore bike riders….. but really, even whiney Maggie could’ve done it. I think I even got passed by a couple kids on tricycles….. j/k…   But even tho’ it was all down hill, by the end, I had a really sore butt. Then we took the dusty bus back to the parking lot up the canyon and once again, were headed east to Missoula. The following morning we got up and did a white water rafting trip on the Clark Fork River out of Missoula, Montana. We had seen and been through bigger rapids about 6 years ago in Wyoming on the Snake River, but it was fun none the less. We wanted to do the same trip last year when we dropped the kids off, but I had a big old melt down last year, it being their first year in camp, and couldn’t get but maybe 100 miles away from them at the time. What a fool I was!!!  This year was different.  Then, after our white water rafting, we headed back to Spokane, and North so that we could pick Maggie up from her initial session of Mini Camp. She’s not quite old enough to do the week long gig. ;c(  totally capable, just not old enough on the books. blah… So we grabbed her, went back to the RV place where his folks are, and took her to Schweitzer mountain the following day and she and I did our first zip lining experience. That was fun. Then we took the chair lift to the top of the mountain and hiked all the way down. Eric totally gets dad of the year for that one, as he followed her down while I was about 20 yards ahead, and he stayed back and listened to her complain the whole way down. God love him….

Then we were able to take her back on Thursday for the 2nd mini camp session, and off we were again. Except this time we stayed closer and just ventured to Sandpoint, Idaho for an evening….. staying every night back at the RV resort where I had to sit there and argue with my father in law every hour on the hour. That man LOVES to argue. In fact, he loves to argue SO MUCH that if he’s not arguing, he’s sleeping. Poor guy has a bad back and just sits there all day long barking orders at my mother in law, and then gets pissy with her when she shows attitude. I gave her a big hug yesterday when we left and told her that she’s a stronger woman than I am…. as I’d never be able to put up with that sort of crap!! Maybe after close to 50 years of marriage, I could swing it. She does it well…. I give her that.

Then, we picked up both kids yesterday morning. Anders had been there for 7 whole days, so it was sooooo good to see him. He had stepped on a rusty nail while he was at camp that week, and had to be taken into town for antibiotics and be seen by a doctor. He’s a trooper tho’, and managed to stick it out all week. We made the trek home yesterday afternoon. I don’t think there’s anything worse than being in a car for 8 hours or more…. And… well….  I get really bad car gas and just pollute the entire car the entire way. It’s highly entertaining for me, as I get a kick out of it each time…. but my family had HAD IT with me by the time we rolled into the driveway. I almost felt bad for them… ha ha ha…..

So now the rest of the summer, we really don’t have anymore trips planned. We’re going camping a couple of times, but no more treks anywhere. It was really nice to get away from the home front for a bit tho’. Coming home from vacation is never fun tho’. Home IS where the heart is, that’s true, but it’s also where WORK is, and when I get away from my workbench for more than a week, I really have to play catch up when I get back. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I just gotta chip away at orders as I can, then I’ll get into my groove, and it won’t be too long before I’m jonesing for another vacation again….

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  1. Maybe you could fly next year? Seriously, that sounds like you had a blast. I’m dying to go ziplining.

  2. I can so relate to this. We are returning from an overnight trip to Wildlife Safari with my 7 year old granddaughter and her 10 year old brother and they never quit bickering. He can’t keep his hands or feet to himself, and she finds every opportunity to bug him. Need some duct tape!

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