Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming of being in a different place, a different time, and you just sit there staring into outer space and people are calling your name over and over and you’re like, HUH? WHAT?… What’dya say?   It had been continually hitting me for like a week or more, where I’d sit there and just dream of being in a small California coastal town, with my mom and my dad and my two sisters. Just at some random beachy house, searching for rocks, eating good dinners, laughing, and catching up on life. I see my parents, typically, about 3 or 4 times a year depending on what’s going on in our lives. But I only get to see my sisters maybe once or twice at best. And very rarely do we ALL get to be together. We just had Christmas in California this past year, but Christmas is super crazy with all the kids, and the animals… and there’s never really any down time. I crave down time….

So I decided to just book a flight …. to California… just me. No hubby, no kids. Just me. It’d been a long while since I’d been anywhere by myself. And no, Wednesday night soccer games with the ladies doesn’t count. I mean like a real over nighter. So I booked my tickets to California and rented a house in Cambria and then told my sisters and my folks that we were going to go over, just the family…. and reconnect. Everyone was onboard…..  something to look forward to!! yay!!!  Coordinating all of our schedules and canceling out on our previous commitments for that weekend was going to be a challenge. But if you don’t pull the trigger, things never happen.

So I just returned yesterday from the trip. I can’t even tell you how needed it was…. how therapeutic it was. I guess it was about 7 or so years ago, the 5 of us took a three day cruise down to Ensenada, and we thought that was the best trip ever. It was fun…. which is why I was wanting this trip so badly. There’s just something about getting together with my family that brings out the best in me. And I don’t mean to dismiss the “best” that comes out of me when I’m with my kids and my husband….I’m a happy gal. That is not it…   When I’m with my folks and sisters, it’s like the good old days. As my little sister said in an Instagram photo, “There are a lot of things that change us,,, but we start and end as family.” We are… we are all still the same people, changed by life and trials and hurt and joy and marriage and kids and jobs and whatnot, but we are all still the core family we were a long time ago. As a family, we’ve had our ups and downs. We’ve had to deal with deaths and births and just general family drama that comes with change. But me and my family have always prevailed….. and sure…. we make fun of each other, and we talk about each other, but we love each other…. and Love Conquers All….. That’s one thing that will never change. Ever….

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