The Silver Lining……

Picking up the kids from camp ReedGreetings friends…..    Since I’ve had a TON of idle time on my hands these last 3 weeks, it’s given me a lot of time to think about things as I stare at the ice machine pumping ice water into my nifty ice-cuff knee brace thingy. If you have ever had an ACL replacement, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Talk about a BLOW!!! Back in December I joined a woman’s indoor soccer league. And as it turns out, now in retrospect, it was at that first game that I know, beyond reasonable doubt, that I partially tore my ACL in my left knee. I baby’d it and iced it and managed to finish not only that winter session playing, but continued on with the 2 spring sessions and committed to the early summer session of games. After each game, I’d rush home, bust out the ice pack and limp around here for the next couple of days with ice bandaged to the back of my knee. I went to a physical therapist too… who told me that he thought it was a hamstring pull. He never really told me to quit playing soccer, and I told him that I didn’t think it was my hammy, but that it felt like I had a rock in my knee. Regardless, I know what happened….  So during the 2nd half of the first summer session game, I had possession of the ball, had three defenders on me, and came down on my knee and POP!!! The chicks all around me heard it pop,  and DOWN I went. Searing pain. Fear…. tears……. swearing…… and ultimately got carried off the field. I’ll probably remember every detail of that moment for the rest of my life. Oddly enough I was staring at my knee when it happened, and from what I’ve read online about injuries, that’s quite common. It’s like your brain knows to look at the pain, and if I ever see my knee look like that again, I might throw up in my mouth a little. So off to the doc I went the following morning. She referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and well…. three weeks post injury, I was under the knife, which happened to fall on my birthday. What a way to celebrate the grand year of 37. And I’m not pining for sympathy, but should you ever need surgery, don’t schedule it on your birthday. Shoot for the next opening. Seriously.

I’ve had 2 kids, naturally, and a hysterectomy when I was 31. And I have never felt more pain in my life than what my knee felt like a couple days after surgery. It’s awful. It made me cry. It broke me down. It would’ve dropped me to my knees had one of them not been all bandaged and in a straight brace. Now here I am 3 weeks post op, and when I wake up in the morning (IF I’ve even slept) I’m still limping around like an old lady and it feels like arthritis in there. Sore, swollen, bumpy, tight, painful, UGLY and stuck in a 25 degree bend. Walking around with a bend in your knee does wonders for your hips and your back too. Last weekend I was at my daughter’s soccer game in an attempt to coach the team, and I bent down to pick up a water bottle and soccer ball out of my way and I felt another pop and another pain. As it turns out, I severely pulled the hamstring muscle and broke up some scar tissue that was forming to heal the graft site. Felt like I got stung by a bee man!! Saw my physical therapist on Monday and he said that it’s a couple week set back. Yay me!!  So now not only do I have to heal my hammy, I can’t fire my quads and get those muscles working until my hamstring is healed, and in order for the knee to work properly, I’ve got to have a firing quad. So it’s a total rig-a-maroe. Plus I’ve been husband-less for the last two weeks because my hubby is on a port security detail with the USCG down in Frisco for the America’s Cup. Being a single mother, right after having an ACL replacement, during the first two weeks of school and soccer practice, has NOT been easy……… all the while trying to bust out the orders that came in while I’ve been couch bound. When I have a pile of orders staring at me, it stresses me out, because I like to keep my customers happy with timely turn around. But I’ve just had to let it go. I’m almost caught up now tho’…..  but my hamstring is still jacked, and I’m still limping around my dirty house all day. It’s not easy to be knocked down when you’re programmed to GO GO GO. Reflecting on my life, I’ve been through some rather tough times, but this one…. man…. this one takes the cake!!!  I can’t express to my customers just how much their patience has meant to me these past three weeks. And my kids… gosh… my poor kids. Maggie is 8 and Anders is 12 and I just thank the Lord that they aren’t still in diapers and that they are somewhat independent. Yah sure, I could’ve used a bit more help from the both of them. But overall, they have picked up the slack that they aren’t used to picking up, and have been super sympathetic. Being couch-bound has enabled me to have long conversations with them. Whereas normally, I’m ripping around getting everything done for everyone else, and having to actually S L O W  D O W N and S I T, I’ve been able to really listen to them. To hear what they are saying. To hear what they are saying and then have the attention to think about it before I answer, not just spout something off so as to continue with my agenda. I’ve got some really great kids. Great kids with HUGE hearts, great senses of humor, kind dispositions, and wit.

So I’ve been on a Silver Lining kick. It’s a silver lining that I had a knee injury and not a hand or elbow surgery. I’d have had to shut down my shop for months if that was the case. It’s a silver lining that I don’t have brain cancer, but instead a broken knee. It’s a silver lining that this all happened during the summer and I have the rest of the year to heal and recover. It’s a silver lining that my husband’s duty, altho’ REALLY bad timing, wasn’t orders to Afghanistan or Iraq, but just down to San Francisco. It’s a silver lining that it was my left knee and not my right knee, allowing me to still drive during these two weeks with him being gone. And my friends….. my gosh….. my friends have been a God-send. Bringing us food, running errands for me, taking my kids places they need to go, calling me, sending me cards, sending me flowers. Friends definitely are the sunshine of life. Not to say I don’t wish my family lived closer, I do…. but when friends are all you have as your support network, you really realize just how much it really does “take a village” and who your true friends are.

Being grouchy has been a staple around here tho’, and it’s not something I’m incredibly proud of. Lack of sleep, lack of motion, stress, pain and all the other crap that goes on with surgery and then single parenting has really made me just irritable. Irritable and irrational. This is a public apology to my husband, Eric who has taken the verbal abuse of my wrath. Sorry babe….  Even tho’ you left me stranded, my lashings are uncalled for, and I’m sorry….  You don’t read my blog tho’, so guess you’re gonna miss out on this one. ha!!

Prior to surgery.. or prior to my injury rather, we were having a great summer. We took a couple road trips, had family come visit, went and visited the in laws. The weather here in Oregon has just been beyond what most of our summers entail. My garden is just bursting with tomatoes this year. Always a good sign when that happens. Both the kids are playing soccer this fall. The transition has been smooth considering the circumstances. I hate to see summer over with tho’. I’m not ready for the rain. We had a spell of rain a few days ago, and the panic set in. A part of me was happy, because it made me feel less lame laying on the couch all day with ice on my knee surrounded by all four of my cats, but the other part of me was like “WAIT…. WHAT???… NOOOOOO!!!!”

Mountain Girl Silver’s mobile site is currently getting an overhaul and re-structuring. And the website here is getting a face lift. So stay tuned for those changes. Always been a big fan of change. Plus, I felt like diving into a website overhaul would get me excited about something other than my inability to run 5 miles. (sigh)


Okay… enough rambling. Again…. thank you to everyone for all your kind words on your orders. The last thing you need when recovering is pressure to get things done that you don’t feel like doing. And all your sentiments made me a little less stressed out. I’m back swinging the hammer again tho’…. ;c)  Normal turnaround time is back underweigh!


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