Still alive and breathing

took a quick trip to the beach in November before the Christmas rush hit. This is a pic of my Maggie in the sunset on the Oregon coast.

Had a customer email me the other day wondering if I was still in business because I hadn’t done a blog post in like two years.

ACK…..  I guess I haven’t really had much to say after blowing out my knee. The last two years have been tough. Rehabbing back to a normal physical well-being. You can only netflix so many shows before you start to hate yourself. Motivation to gain back your pre-injury self is hard work. Just the mental motivation and initiation is the hardest part. I’m gettin’ there tho’. I’m gettin’ there. They say “Time heals all wounds”… well, two years later? I’m glad I’m that ONE PERSON that they throw in there to average out the recovery time of an ACL replacement from 6 months to 2.5 years. Not trying to be a martyr, but it’s been tough.

Anyways, business is still booming. I’m still stamping. Dabbling in custom projects and setting stones, doing more finger print pendants, making creations that come from my hands. They sort of just ha Facebook page tho’ or my Instagram account. This time of year however, I’m just doing the things you see on the website. I’m fixing to add a couple new products in the new year that seem to have proven popular. So we’ll see how that goes. And…. will be removing a couple of products.

Spent most of the night in the ER with my husband last night, who, decided it wise to schlepp studded winter tires up the hill from the shed to the upper driveway (which is super steep and super muddy), and he fell and his facial area under his nose down to his chin proved that the studded tires were indeed still sharp. Maybe I should post the picture on the Craigslist ad to prove that they are indeed sharp studs. (not funny but funny). Poor guy. 12 stitches. Not a banner week for him. He had food poisoning at the beginning of the week too, so he’s just batting a thousand at the moment.


Kids are good. Anders is now 14 and has the world in his hands. Good kid. Freshman in HS and is thriving big time. Got my speed and agility,, but got his father’s brains. Very proactive about his grades (which is foreign behavior for him). It’s heartwarming for me. I never really cared much about my grades. I cared jussssst enough so that I wasn’t yanked from volleyball, softball, track or basketball.  Most of the time just leaving my backpack in my bug at night and just slamming my homework done at break or on lunch.  I went to high school to play sports, not get smart. I mean, I was born smart and most things came very easy to me, alllllll with the exception of math. I hate math. Hated math. Really hate the math they teach now. And I hate not being able to help my kids with their math homework. Anders was born with a math brain, so that’s a plus. Maggie was born with my artistic, vocabulary brain and also struggles in math. She’s getting there tho’. As a 5th grader these days, she’s doing what I was doing in math in the 8th grade. You couldn’t PAY ME to be a child/teenager again in this world. Not to mention we live in the top school district in the state of Oregon, so they don’t mess around. I love still being able to work from home as they go off to school each day. This house is my domain. Me and my animals, work, music, slippers and sweats. Life is good and I do not take this business for granted. It’s a blessing from God. Parkinsons and palsey genetically run in my family, so I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to stamp the rest of my life. I’ve recently had to get glasses for cryin’ outloud. I don’t like getting old, but learning to accept it. It is what it is. Women beautify with age right?


What else what else….. OH… my folks are moving up to Oregon from California this coming year. Ever since joining the Coast Guard after HS, I never have lived close to them. Met the hubbs in the Coast Guard and we always were stationed NOT in California. Oregon is where it’s at. So they are going to live out their retirement years in west central Oregon. About 2 hours south of us here in the Portland Metro area. I can’t even begin to tell you what a dream come true this is for me. It’s super hard being the one family member that lives far away from everyone. It’s tough. You feel helpless. You feel left out. You feel …..did I say helpless? Ugh.

So I better go check on my patient in the living room and ensure he is keeping the ice on his face. I’d post a picture of his face, but you guys don’t want to see it. For real. It’s BAD. He’s going to have a hefty scar on his face now. He’s GOT to come up with a better story about how it happened tho. “I was lifting up some studded snow tires up a muddy hill and slipped and the tire hit my face.”….   He needs to say something like “Well, I was in the Alaskan wilderness chopping down a tree for our fire and when the tree came down the biggest sharpest branch scraped down the entire center of my face almost ripping my bottom lip off.”.

So to whomever reads this blog. I am alive, still kickin’, still stamping and still loving every minute of it.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


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