Griffin The Great Gray WISDOM Owl Necklace ~ Van Deusen Jasper (OR)


Featuring a Laura Mears Great Gray Owl masterpiece, this Van Deusen Jasper WISDOM piece came together so organically and I’m so happy with how he turned out. Lately I have found that the pieces I’m making are a direct reflection of what is currently going on in my life. The older I get, the more I learn about myself and with that comes wisdom. Van Deusen Jasper is a rarity anymore, mined out of the Prineville, Oregon area, there isn’t a whole bunch to be had. The subtle turquoise stripes are just unreal, and since you can’t see them from afar, I think they are his secret flair. ;c) The chunk I was given wasn’t very big but I tried hard to maximize it!  Once his face came in the mail, it was game over, as he just came together all on his own. He didn’t come to fruition without obstacles, that’s for damn sure…..  But as I always say, growth never resides in the comfortable spaces. Wisdom and growth come from life’s hard lessons. It’ll always be that way. He is 3″ tall and 2″ wide and comes on the chain length of your choice. He is wise, feisty, and one hell of a watchdog. ;c) Meet Griffin!!

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