High Grade Snowville Variscite Inlay Cuff ~ BE YOU!!!


This is my very first inlay cuff. Featuring high grade Utah Snowville Variscite, this beauty is just next level beauty. The thickness and quality of the cuff/silver alone is what I’m most proud of on this one, as it wasn’t easy. This cuff is NOT ADJUSTABLE!!! My wrist is 6″ on the dot. I don’t like wearing round cuffs because my wrists are oblong and bony. I like my cuffs to ride at the base of the hand. So if you have a 7″ wrist, this cuff won’t fit correctly or comfortably. Even if you have a 5.5″ wrist, it won’t fit you comfortably. 6″ wrist is the ticket here. It cannot be squeezed or pulled apart, which is why I made it with such hefty thick silver. Most importantly is the message inside…. BE FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC… BE YOU!!! It’s a reminder to embrace your beliefs and stand up for them. Call out injustice when you see it…. Be the same person all the time, in every situation, and around every person you deal with.  Don’t fall prey to the expectations of social media… you are who you are. BE YOU!!!!

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