The Creek Fire in the central Sierra Nevadas has devastated many communities that I personally hold near a dear to my heart. When I got word that a fire was sweeping up through Big Creek and towards Shaver Lake, I can’t even tell you how my heart felt. I felt fear, I felt pain, dread, angst, worry, sadness, and was holding on to any amount of hope that it would be snuffed quickly and with minimal damage. I think deep down, and very quickly, we all knew what the outcome would be. That forest was full of fuel, and we all secretly knew it would burn fast and furiously. So many dedicated and brave firefighters have put their lives on the line and have finally got it 18% contained as of today. They’ve worked tirelessly to save as many homes as possible. They saved my elementary school and the place where I got married. They saved Shaver, and Auberry, and Tamarack, North Fork and many cabins and homes in Huntington. If you see a fire fighter, please thank them!! Sadly, many homes and businesses did not make it out unscathed. Many friends of mine lost everything they owned. People from my childhood, people who directly influenced my life, lost……. everything. Where do they even begin to pick up the pieces? I couldn’t tell you. The only thing I know how to do, and do well, is make jewelry. So this is how I’m giving my heart and soul and $$ to all the people who have lost everything. With each swing of my hammer making these cuffs, I do it for the people back home in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas. 100% profit will go to the Sierra Foundation (NOT the Sierra club). The Sierra Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization directed and ran by a board of local citizens that will allocate the funds where needed. I trust them wholeheartedly to put this money to good use.

All proceeds will go to support the Sierra Foundation.