Do you ship overseas?
I do! Shipping charges for overseas orders will vary by location.

Do you do jewelry repair?
Yes! If it a piece I made personally, I will repair it for free of it is a flaw due to my work. Dropped jewelry, cracked stones due to impact, being ran over, or anything like that will be charged accordingly.

Can I send you a stone I have in my possession for you to set?
I will and I have, although I really prefer to set my own stones because I cut them the way that I like them. If you have a stone you are wanting set, send me an email with a photo of the stone and we can communicate that way about what you have in mind.

How do I talk to you about making something custom?
The best way to reach me is to send me an email to mountaingirlsilver@mac.com or to text me (503) 805-6296.

What if I am unhappy with what I purchased?
Should you be disappointed with the piece you receive, please DO NOT WEAR IT and contact me immediately. Refunds will be given only on a case by case basis.