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Authentic Scrimshaw Whale Bone Ship Necklace

Authentic Scrimshaw Whale Bone Ship Necklace

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Authentic vintage scrimshaw whale bone cabochons are hard to come by. There are a lot of faux knock offs made out of resin and beige plastics, or even made out of land animal bone.  Using knives and dark pigments to give the carvings color, Scrimshaw was an art form that sailors used to do by hand back in the day while underway. As a fellow sailor myself, I can attest to idle time on my hands out at sea. You can go crazy if you don't have something constructive to do! 

 I know this one is authentic because I took it to my wheels to flatten the super uneven back. If you know, you know! A true treasure!!  Set in a sterling silver bezel and strung on a 1.2mm sterling rounded box chain, this necklace is for any fellow sailor and history buff! 

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